What is online reputation?

Internet works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During all this time, lots of information, communications and / or opinions are poured into the network …. From this incessant river of information, Google and the other search engines extract information or opinions about people, companies, brands, products or services that include your databases.

Knowledge, monitoring and “control” of all information that affects your person, company or brand is part of what is called in English ” Online Reputation Management ” .

The Online Reputation is the reflection of the prestige of a person, company or brand on the Internet , created not only by the same, but also by other people who exchange information and opinions about it on the Internet through forums, blogs or social networks .

The Online Reputation Management goes from the collection of all related information, through its monitoring , judiciously whether or not it affects negatively the “reputation” and “image” of the person, company or brand, but also of its management or “control”, that is, to influence those contents that harm our brand.

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Why is online reputation so important?

From the INE survey on Information Technology Equipment and Use, the following information stands out: In Spain, half of the population connects to the Internet regularly (every day or at least once a week) and the main service used is the search of information about goods and services (82%).
With this information, the question that must be raised by any person, company or brand is the following: Do you know what happens when someone searches for your brand in a Search Engine?

The construction of a brand has immense costs in advertising and marketing, and a complex process of creating advertising campaigns and communication in media of all kinds. In this context, the Internet and the new platforms for social participation have given new and modern tools to the Internet for opinion, information and communication .

The increase and importance of this type of space has turned the Internet into a platform for freedom of expression without competition or limitations , and this has meant a great advance for all. However, its use is not always adequate or, at least, it can often not coincide with the personal or business interests of the people involved in information appearing on the network.

Opinions, for example, are a very powerful weapon of business promotion when they are positive, but nefarious when they are negative. In this second case, it is necessary to remedy as soon as possible to counteract the negative information in order to disappear from the network or, in any case, not occupy relevant positions in the search engines in order to mitigate its adverse effects.

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What Online Reputation services do we offer?

Online reputation monitoring

We carry out a compilation and analysis of all the information available on the Internet about a person, company or brand. As much what the person, brand or company says as what others say, since reputation is an aggregate of all that information and opinions .

In this analysis we assess whether the mentions are positive or negative, analyzing especially the negative information or opinions. All the negative messages are prioritized and their veracity checked , followed by monitoring and “control”.

In the monitoring of online reputation we also study the visibility (how many times the person, company or brand appears on the Internet), since online reputation is the product of the visibility and value of those mentions .

Creating a positive online reputation

Based on the information available, we take the initiative and create a positive online reputation through the use of blogs, professional profiles, social networks and microblogging: We generate interesting content and we send it to the people who are interested .

The creation of a positive online reputation goes hand in hand with a thorough review of the content of the website. It must offer added value and help to easily find all the relevant information for Internet users; We achieve this through the inclusion of blogs, videos and positioning.

The most important thing in online reputation is to work preventively and spend a lot of time creating a positive online reputation.

Work on negative messages

Work on negative messages or online reputation management will not be among our priorities if the first two points have been made correctly.

However, there can always be a reputation crisis , when looking for your name, company or brand on the Internet, you will see unfavorable results (for example: entries in TrabajoBasura.info, complaints, claims, direct competition, etc.) to which you have to deal with immediately.

We work on negative messages, so that either disappear from the network or are relegated to irrelevant positions in the search engines. The online reputation management is a mix of PR work, communication and positioning.

Is working online reputation ethical?

Is it ethical to highlight our virtues over the criticisms that others are pouring?

  • Internet users are more prone to comment negative things so it is much more common to find criticism (founded or not) than praise.
  • We show the best face of the person, companies or brands ; distributing positive messages (true and contrasted) as widely as possible.
  • Always keep in mind that if you have 99% of satisfied customers, they do not leave good comments about your person, company or brand; and only 1% of dissatisfied customers (or even former employees) start a smear campaign, it is totally logical and lawful to try to correct the consequences .
  • Also keep in mind that Google does not own the Internet and that a negative result in Google is not the absolute truth , but has been generated by a third party and may be true or false, adjusted or exaggerated.

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