The success of a business begins with the positioning of your product or service. If your product or services are not visible as a result of a search, you will never sell anything.

Without positioning there is no traffic and without traffic, there are no sales

When someone asks me to optimize the SEO for a business it is because it does not sell and this can be essentially due to two things:

  • That the page and its product or service are invisible in the search engine; so they do not appear by the most common searches.
  • That cannot be bought. Yes, I said well. How many times have you made a complete purchase in your own business? Since you register until you receive the product or service. Have you tried all the payment methods? On many occasions, they do not buy us because they cannot pay us, because the payment process does not work correctly.

In this article we are going to focus on the first cause.

If a product or service is invisible nobody will find it and if nobody finds it they cannot buy it from us.

To know why an business does not sell, I usually ask customers to access their statistics, usually, Google Analytics, to know exactly what is happening on the web at the traffic level, although as is usually the case with access data they are almost always very poor.

I also do a thorough analysis of one of the product or service pages of your business.

With this information I can draw conclusions about how and who has developed and implemented this electronic commerce since from reading the source code I can make a composition of the level of SEO knowledge of the professional who created the business.

Let’s go through steps in the analysis of the product or service page:

The name of the product or service It is very important how we denominate our product or services since a bad construction in the name will make the users not find us.

Pay attention to these SEO tips:

  • Optimal length of the product or service name: 70 characters.
  • The name of the product or service must be unique in your business.
  • Never copy the names defined by your competition or by the manufacturer.
  • Use the same name that you have defined for your product or service, in the SEO configuration of the product or service of your business.

Here the task of optimizing the product or service page does not end, in future deliveries I will give you more tips for SEO optimization of the business related to the following aspects:

  • SEO URL of a business.
  • Short description optimized for positioning.
  • Long SEO description in the pages of your business.
  • Optimization of Keywords in your electronic commerce.

Do you want to know more about how to increase the sales of your business?